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Syringe Injector

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→‎Function: Profit comparison
Unsurprisingly, the syringe injector balances this performance with a high purchase price and process cost. As most assembly lines will require two or more syringe injectors to keep pace with production, costs can rack up quickly. Even so, the value and effectiveness bonus generally make the expense worth it.
==== Price increase compared to the Pill Printer ====
Using some simple calculations, the point at which the Syringe injector generates more profit than the [[Pill Printer]]<nowiki/>s can be calculated. Assuming both technologies are at level 5 the final [[Combined Value]] of the product is determined by these equations:
Pill Printer: Final Combined Value = Combined Value + 35$ - 20$ (processing cost)
Syringe Injector: Final Combined Value = Combined Value x 1.4 - 100$ (processing cost)
This tells us that after a value of the drugs of 287.5$, the syringes make more profit. This doesn't account for the increase in effects by 50% that leads to better ratings and therefore better sales. This would move the margin to an even lower point making syringes the most profitable option for products without [[Side effects]] for almost all [[Cures]] past lvl 1.
== Research Upgrades ==

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